Black Lives Matter.

At Bastet Dance Fitness a huge part of our mission is inclusivity and acceptance. We strive to be a safe space for creativity, learning and expression, for people of ALL colors, sizes, shapes and orientations. Together our instructors and students are creating a community that supports one another, through our journeys towards health, creativity, joy, self expression and empowerment of our whole selves.

But we can always do better. Our society was built on the stolen backs of Black people and POC. Dance and music in particular have benefited GREATLY from exploiting and stealing from Black people. We want to recognize how much richer the culture of dance and music is because of Black people and POC. Racism has always been rampant in the US, and it’s not going to go away if we all just sit in our little corners of the world telling ourselves “I’m a good person, I’m not a racist”. Racism goes SO MUCH DEEPER than not being actively racist. We need to be actively ANTI-RACIST.

We pledge to do that work. We pledge to listen, learn, grow and maintain a space that encourages our students to do so as well. We pledge to stand up against racism (and all the other abusive isms). We pledge to actively work to celebrate the diversity of dance and honor the history behind it.
Being better will always be a work in progress and we pledge it is work we will never give up on.

💜 Stephanie, Tina and Team Bastet

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