Our Values

Body Positivity

body positivity

We believe all bodies are good bodies, womxn are strong AF, and that working out should be a celebration of what our bodies can do! Intersectional Feminism is an integral value at the studio and we encourage our students to embrace their individual beauty; prioritizing growth, strength and expression rather than catering to heteronormative, patriarchal beauty standards. Part of our work is to dismantle these oppressive systems, and we are here to help you lean into your inner strength and power. We challenge adults of all ages and levels of experience to set your own goals, and to grow and progress your fitness, dance skills and strength in a body-positive and celebratory way.

Pretend your workout is the patriarchy so you can CRUSH IT!

Self Expression

self expression

We support our students in expressing their creativity and genuine selves. We know the gym isn’t for everyone, and that is where we come in! Our classes are designed by dance and movement specialists to accommodate students of different levels and with different goals so you can feel accomplished with every step in your fitness journey! We have many styles of classes to encourage your growth mentally as well as physically. From dance technique classes to choreography, active flexibility, cardio, and fitness classes. We also offer opportunities for students of all levels to participate in our bi-yearly dance showcases. Showcases allow students to take part in many creative opportunities including learning group dances, performing, collaboration, costuming, choreography and production!!


We pledge to maintain a safe, non-judgemental environment where folx of different races, classes, sexualities, genders, ages, and physical abilities are welcome! We believe it is our duty to support and protect those most vulnerable to discrimination and mistreatment, and we strive to use our platform and our privilege to uplift and amplify the voices of historically marginalized folx. We know this work is never ending and we will continue to educate ourselves and our community, and support and advocate for equity for all people. We joyfully welcome all people, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and sex workers.