Stephanie and Tina

Meet The Team

At Bastet Dance Fitness our instructors are just as unique as you are! If you are looking for a fun personalized workout or an engaging dance class to learn choreography or a new dance style you’ve come to the right place!

We support our students in expressing their creativity and genuine selves. We know the gym isn’t for everyone, and that is where we come in! Our classes are designed by dance and movement specialists to accommodate students of different levels and with different goals so you can feel accomplished with every step in your fitness journey!

Stephanie Collette – Owner / Instructor / Choreographer

Stephanie is co-owner and CEO of Bastet Dance Fitness LLC. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, AFAA certified group fitness instructor and certified/licensed in Zumba, Strong by Zumba, Liquid Motion 1.0, 2.0 and Heels, ElevatED Flexibility, and T.W.E.R.K. Technician and has been teaching numerous styles of dance and dance fitness classes professionally since 2013. In 2016 Stephanie founded the bellydance troupe Dancers of Bastet, and the chair dance troupe The Bastet Chair Teasers. Both dance troupes perform regularly at local events and shows under the direction of Stephanie.

“When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina. After over a decade of ballet classes, though, I realized that ballet wasn’t quite right for me. I encountered a number of physical limitations that left that dream just that, a dream. That reality, though, led me to exploring other forms of dance and very soon I discovered bellydance; I was in love! The movement, the music, and the community were all so inclusive and amazing I could not have dreamt of a better place to begin my adult growth in dance! After 10 years of dancing and performing with a local troupe I tried pole dance on a whim! It was then that I really began to get into the fitness aspect of dance. Over the next few years my passion for dance and fitness continued to grow and in 2013 I was offered a job as a dance instructor at the pole dance and fitness studio iCandy. I finally felt like I had really found my home in the dance world! Being able to share my love for dance and help students progress and overcome challenges was the reward I had been missing all along. I grew as a dancer and an instructor turning my hobby into my career through additional certifications, fitness classes, and many performances. When iCandy announced they would be closing their doors in June of 2017 I was devastated; I had found what I wanted to do with my life and had become part of a dance family that I could not bear to lose. It was time to take the next big step and open my own studio! With the help and support of my business partner Tina, friends, family and, of course, my dance fam, we brought my vision to life! I am beyond excited to continue my dance and fitness journey as a studio owner inspiring and helping others on their own fitness journeys!”

Certifications: NASM CPT, AFAA Group Ex, Zumba, STRONG by Zumba, Elevated Flexibility, Liquid Motion 1.0, Liquid Motion 2.0, Liquid Motion Heels, T.W.E.R.K. Technician

Tina Montgomery – Owner

Dance Instructor Tina

Tina is co-owner and CFO of Bastet Dance Fitness LLC. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Sonoma State University, and almost 20 years of bookkeeping experience. She has studied various forms of dance including hip hop, jazz, ballet, pole and chair. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with friends and family, performing with the Bastet Chair Troupe and costuming.

Lori Tawasha – Instructor

Lori Tawasha has been studying belly dance since 2001 and is a seasoned practitioner and instructor. Lori teaches weekly classes, short series, workshops and private lessons. She is passionate about teaching and is thrilled to be teaching in beautiful Sonoma County.

Experience: 20 years experience teaching and performing bellydance

Noella Haverkamp – Instructor

Noella Zumba Instructor

Noella has always had a strong passion and calling for dance and creative arts. She started taking hip hop dance classes in her early teens and fell in love. In high school, she participated in both the Cheer and Hip Hop Dance Team. Following high school, she participated in a San Francisco based hip hop dance company, FBC, for one year. In 2011, Noella found a new dance and performance outlet as a Gogo Dancer. Since then she’s been performing regularly at Bay Area events and nightclubs, and at larger events and festivals like Insomniac’s EDC or Skills’ ETDPOP. She continues to train in various dance styles, and is now a licensed Zumba instructor. She loves to share the energy and joy of music and movement with others, and is excited to bring this passion to class. She looks forward to continue her dance journey into the dance fitness world, and to be involved at Bastet Dance Fitness!

Certifications: Zumba

Liz Palmerston – Instructor

Liz Heels Dance Instructor

Liz spent over a decade training Kung Fu and Escrima in San Francisco under Bay Mountain Wing Tsun. Due to developing Rheumatoid Arthritis Liz had to begrudgingly put her blades down and walk away from her passion. During all those years of training there was always a pull towards dance. Medicated and with less pain Liz signed up for Bastet’s unlimited class package and was hooked. She was recently certified in Liquid Motion 1.0 and Liquid Motion Heels. Her preferred dance style is focused on sensuality mixed with technically correct movement.

Certifications: Liquid Motion 1.0, Liquid Motion Heels, 2nd Technician Wing Tsun, and 2nd Tuhon Latosa Escrima

Honey Lopez – Instructor

Honey Lopez

Honey Grace Lopez is a Transformation Coach, Holistic Chef and Yoga Teacher, specializing in practices that honor, nurture and support the whole being (mind, body and spirit). Her passion is guiding her clients to find the answers within through self-discovery and self-appreciation, so that they can make real change in their lives and walk their purpose-filled and heart-led paths.

Experience: Registered Yoga Instructor trained in Vinyasa, Shaktirize, Restorative