Milo K

Milo K (they/them) loves creating movement spaces that center joy and empowerment. As a queer and non-binary dancer, Milo is passionate about leading inclusive and expressive classes that encourage all folks to embrace and love their bodies. With a background in social justice work, sexual health education and a Masters in Education, Milo believes that the modality of dance can be healing in many ways. Dance can help us step into our power in a world that often tries to take it away. Especially in partner and duet work, dance can help us experience safety with others around healthy consent and honoring our own bodies’ needs and boundaries. Dance also invites us to be more in tune with our sensuality, playfulness and badass inner selves! Milo teaches weekly Chair Dance Level 1 and Lap Dance classes at Bastet! They also love Liquid Motion, Pole, and platform heels floorwork!