Fire & Ice Burlesque Dance Showcase 2021

A Virtual Showcase by Bastet Dance Fitness

Friday, March 5th at 7pm

Tickets: $5-$15 per ticket, or whatever you would like to donate! All proceeds go to keeping Bastet running during the pandemic <3

1. Send your payment by
•Venmo: @Stephanie_Bastet
•Google Pay:
2. Let us know your email address, we will email you with the Zoom event link. Email with any questions!

Showcase / Watch Party: 18+ Only

How to sign up:

Rehearsals begin: February 6th, 7th

Virtual Showcase on Zoom: Friday, March 5th at 7pm

EMAIL: to sign up or to get on the list as interested so we can keep you in the loop!

Join the showcase group on FB!

Please provide:

•Types of dances you would like to participate in: solo, group.
•Dance styles you are interested in.

Burlesque Showcase Info:

• In this 4 week performance choreography series you will learn, rehearse and film a dance/dances that will be shown in a Showcase Watch Party on Zoom!
• Choreographers: Stephanie, Noella, Niki Six, Eva D’Luscious
• Group Dances: Burlesque with a Boa, Burlesque with Tassels and Assels, Twerk, Heels, Liquid Motion

  • Soloists can sign up for private choreography lessons with Stephanie


Burlesque with Boa Group Dance and Burlesque Tassels & Assels Group Dance are $80 for each 4 week series.

Twerk, Liquid Motion and Heels Group Dances can be paid for with an Unlimited Monthly Membership or any Class Card.

Solos – $75 for one 1hr lesson or $240 for four 1hr lessons for non-members, $60 / $200 for students currently on an Unlimited Membership.

Purchase Rehearsal Package

Burlesque with Boa Group Dance Specifics

ShowGirl Temple High Priestess of Tease invites you to bring the slink! Develop performance and Burlesque technique in a delicious boa choreography to Peggy Lee’s “Fever.”

Online performance showcase open to all participants, not required. Choreography options will be offered for a full reveal to pasties and a less revealing reveal. Performers responsible for own costumes; items listed below.

Classes: Saturdays in February, 10:30am-12pm PT

Show: Friday, March 5

Costume: Purchase from Amazon list, or find similar items at thrift stores, locally or online
*Nude to you fishnets — Capezio Pro are super durable
*Black dance heels/character shoes
*Bra & Panty Set in red, pink or burgundy — Coverage level TBD by dancers. If you purchase something sheer you can wear a nude to you safety g-string under the panties, you’ll have pasties on top. If you opt for high waisted panties, sheer side panels or straps are generally more shaping than a solid panel which makes your body more like a block.

Pasties — Listing the pasties we use for all ShowGirl Temple group acts. For this show you’re welcome to choose whatever you like, but you may want these if you plan to perform with ShowGirl Temple again. Tits of The North Star, Crystal AB, buy with the option for tassels. You don’t have to buy the tassels (though they are nice), but it’s good to have the option for the future. I suggest XS or S-size, the shape of these pasties takes up a lot of titty real estate. Enter this code at check out for a discount: TEMPLE15

Boa — In white or a color that contrasts with your bra/panty set so you can be seen within the boa. We will drag the boa on our ground a little (stages when we can). The higher the number of plys or grams of a feather boa, the thicker and more luxurious. Fabric boas are usually described by diameter. Party store rooster feather boas shed A LOT and can get raggedy. If you opt for those, consider buying 2, one for rehearsals and one for the show.
Ostrich/Feather Boas: Hot Fans
Ruffle Boa: Charismatico

About the Instructor:
Eva helps women who feel that Life has sucked away their sexy and left them feeling not enough reconnect with their sensual selves, build self-confidence and rule their lives through the playful, delicious fun of Burlesque Dance.
Students have dubbed her the “Godmother of Glitter” for putting them at ease and instigating a love of all things sparkly.
Since 2010 Burlesque has connected Eva to her sexy self, and as an Instructor it has been a joy to help experienced and totally new dancers unlock their Body Magick and reconnect to their sparkly selves.