Showcase Rehearsal Series Info & Schedule


Rehearsals will be scheduled on Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays based on dancer and choreographer availability.

Must attend at least 6 out of 8 rehearsals. Anticipated absences must be listed on your Performer Contract prior to your first rehearsal. This is to help your choreographer and the group plan for your absence in advance.

If more than 2 rehearsals and/or weekly classes are missed for any one dance you may be required to take private lessons at your own cost to make up for the instruction missed or be removed from the dance. If you are more than 20 minutes late to a rehearsal, it counts as an absence. 

Rehearsal times will be set after the Priority Signup Deadline. Students who have added their availability to the Signup Sheet AND have turned in their Performer Contract will have their availability considered when we create the Rehearsal Schedule.

Participants will be notified when Rehearsals are live on Mindbody. 

Email if you have any questions!


Step 1:  Signup for Dance(s) on Signup Sheet

Step 2: Add Availability for Rehearsals on Signup Sheet

Step 3: Fill out and turn in a Performer Contract

Step 4: Friend Stephanie Collette and/or your choreographer on FB. We use FB Messenger for all of our communications.

Step 5: Register for Rehearsals via or on the Mindbody App. Participants will be notified when Rehearsals are live on Mindbody. Rehearsal Registration will go live shortly after Priority Signups end.

Levels & Pre-reqs

Each dance on the Signup Sheet has Level and Pre-reqs info. If you are unsure or have questions, please ask the choreographer for the dance for specifics.

Rehearsal time is focused on choreography for the show and we do not have the time to go into depth in reviewing techniques! Be prepared to take weekly classes in addition to rehearsals. Taking the applicable weekly class allows students to practice the style/techniques/tricks that are included in the choreo! Each dance listed on the Signup Sheet includes weekly class requirements.

Max Amount of Dances

Students are welcome and encouraged to sign up for dances in both shows! The 7 total max is applied to both shows (with max of 5 per show).

Soloist Series

8 Week Solo Series (1.5hrs) w/ Stephanie aka Ultraviolette! 

All Levels (even beginners) are welcome. Any Dance Style!  

For Beginning Soloists

Learn how to build a choreographed solo from the ground up! We will meet as a group weekly for 1.5hrs. You will learn specifics for: breaking down/counting out a song, how to develop a character, giving good face, how to structure choreography and more!! Stephanie is here to guide dancers through the whole creation process step by step, giving individual feedback and assistance. 

For Experienced Soloists

We will meet as a group weekly for 1.5hrs. Stephanie is here to support dancers through the creation process, giving individual feedback and assisting with any aspects needed.

Community Agreements

My commitment to regularly attending weekly classes and rehearsals allows me to fully participate, work on techniques separately from choreo, practice the choreo with my fellow dancers, and stay up-to-date and responsive to notes and updates.  

I cannot miss more than 2 out of the 8 rehearsals (per dance)

I cannot miss more than 2 out of the 8 weekly classes that are required (per dance)

Absences must be pre-approved (except in the case of illness or injury). 

If more than 2 rehearsals and/or weekly classes are missed for any one dance it is up to the choreographer’s discretion how the situation will be handled. If I miss more than 2 rehearsals, I understand that I might be required to take private lessons at my own cost, put in extra work outside of rehearsals or be removed from the dance.

 I agree to sign up for the level that I am currently working safely at. 

 I agree to learn the choreography for the dances I am participating in, including individual at home practice when needed. 

 I agree to bring positivity to rehearsal. This includes no negative comments about myself, the way I dance, choreography choices, costumes, other negative talk/self talk, etc.

 I understand that my choreographer will have final say on all decisions made regarding the performance, choreo and costuming. I agree to accept those decisions graciously.

I understand what is required of me as a student & performer. I will check in with my choreographers, with any questions, who are here to help me learn, grow and have fun!

Pricing Structure *NEW*

Rehearsals can be paid for like any regular weekly class now! All Class Packs and Unlimited Memberships can be applied!

Students are no longer required to pay for the entire 8 week series at one time. Students can pay per class and are required to sign up each week in advance, just like a weekly class!

Students MUST register for ALL rehearsal classes.

Pricing Info for Non-Pole Dances:

Pricing Info for Pole Dances:

Pricing Info for Soloist Mentoring Series – Non-Pole & Pole Dance Styles: