Strength and Mobility

Strength & Mobility

Strength & Mobility is a fun but challenging fitness class that utilizes circuit training, bodyweight exercises and functional movement modalities.

Designed by dance and movement specialists with long term health in mind, our Strength and Mobility classes will push your fitness boundaries in a safe and productive way by focusing on proper body alignment and muscle engagement, “quality over quantity” as Stephanie likes to remind the students.

Class will begin with a focused warm-up and will rotate through working large muscle groups like core, upper body, lower body as well as full body workouts and targeted muscle work. Strength & Mobility will sometimes include floor inversion prep, balance work, ankle strength and stability and many more topics!

Through our positively focused class atmosphere you will feel stronger and move better than ever before!


All fitness and experience levels welcome!We recommend that students wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a water bottle and towel.