Active Flexibility

Active Flexibility Classes

Active Flexibility
In Active Flexibility our certified instructors will help you properly prepare your body by progressing through steps to encourage self-awareness, breathing, proper muscular engagement and body alignment before moving into sustained stretches intended to make noticeable changes in your range of motion.

Our Flexibility classes are appropriate for all experience levels! Variations of each exercise are always available to accommodate different levels of experience.

This class will progress through flowing sequences that promote flexibility gains, preparing the body for deeper range of motion all while keeping physical longevity in mind. We will be utilizing multiple stretching techniques that work together to promote increased flexibility and training the body to recognize optimal bone placement and body alignment to assist in safe and effective stretching.

Focusing on active flexibility drills and safe stretching techniques, our Active Flexibility Classes are great for:

  1. Increasing range of movement in joints
  2. Increasing flexibility
  3. Improving posture
  4. Decreasing risk of injury and improving recovery from working out
  5. Stress relief and relief of tense, tight muscles
  6. Improving blood circulation in muscles
Active Flexibility

All fitness and experience levels welcome in group flexibility classes!
We recommend that students wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a water bottle. Bastet will provide a mat, blocks and band, but feel free to bring your own equipment!