Performer Requirements

Performer Contract For Showcases at Bastet Dance Fitness

Performer Contract For Showcases at Bastet 

Signed copy – DUE BY 1ST REHEARSAL

I understand that I cannot miss more than 2 out of 8 rehearsals and that absences must be pre-approved (except in the case of illness or injury). My commitment to regularly attending rehearsals allows me to fully participate, practice the choreography with my fellow dancers, and stay up-to-date and responsive to notes and updates. 


I agree to take weekly classes in the dance style I am performing (except in the case of Level 1 Non-Pole dances).

I understand that my choreographer will have final say on all decisions made regarding the performance, choreo and costuming. I agree to accept those decisions graciously.

I agree to sign up for the level that I am currently working safely at. 

I agree to learn the choreography for the dances I am participating in, including individual at home practice when needed. 

I agree to bring positivity to rehearsal. This includes no negative comments about myself, the way I dance, choreography choices, costumes, other negative self talk, etc.

I agree to register for each rehearsal in advance of class.

I understand what is required of me as a student & performer. I will check in with my choreographers with any questions who are here to help me learn, grow and have fun!

Please note that failure to follow these foundational guidelines could result in being removed from the performance.