Performer Requirements

Performer Contract For Showcases at Bastet Dance Fitness

Requirements & Guidelines for Performers

Must sign & submit the Performer Contract

Use the Levels Key when signing up for dances.
Level 1: Highly encouraged to attend 1 applicable weekly class in addition to rehearsals.
Mixed Level/Level 1.5: MUST attend at least 1 applicable weekly class in addition to rehearsals.
Level 2 & 3: MUST be regularly attending at least 1 applicable weekly class year-round (that means in between rehearsals too). Will require Instructor approval to participate.

If you are not prepared to sign up for weekly classes in addition to rehearsals do not sign up for anything above a Level 1 dance.

It is HIGHLY recommended that students miss as few rehearsals as possible.

Can miss a max of 2 rehearsals for a 10 week series, 3 if at least one of the missed rehearsals is zoomed in for.

Can make up for additional missed rehearsals by doing a private/semi private to catch up.

All dancers will be required to fully learn and know the choreography they signed up for.

It is your responsibility as a performer to register for rehearsals in advance of class.

Max # of dances each student can participate in per showcase: 7.

Showcase Rehearsals are set up as a series. This will require students to register for the whole showcase series at once (Payment plans available, Unlimited Memberships still applicable).

Failure to follow these guidelines could result in being removed from the performance.

I understand that missing rehearsals sets my group back, and I agree to only miss rehearsals if absolutely necessary.

I understand that taking weekly classes in the dance style I am performing is beneficial not only for myself but also my group.

I understand that Rehearsals are for learning choreography(a dance), Classes are for learning techniques(the dance style).

I understand that I should be able to safely work at the level(s) I signed up for.

I agree to learn the choreography I sign up for.

I understand what is required of me as a student & performer.

I agree to follow any and all possible Covid/Masking rules without complaint.

I understand that these are general requirements and guidelines. Choreographers/Instructors will make the final calls for each of their individual pieces.

Please check in with your choreographers if you are unsure of what is required. We are here to help you learn, progress and have fun!!!

Failure to follow these guidelines could result in being removed from the performance.