Hayley Hicks

I found Fitness during a difficult time in my life. My senior year of college, I looked in the mirror and thought how did I get here? I was about 20lbs overweight and incredibly insecure about the huge changes that were coming from leaving school and entering the “real” world. That’s when I decided to take the step and start working out. Weightlifting and the gym became my therapy. I started taking group classes such as Pilates, Piyo, and pole dance and fell in love. There is something about the environment and strength found in group classes that motivates me everyday. Since the discovery of this love, I have received my personal training certification through NASM and Piyo certification. My goals are to continue teaching and to receive more certifications in classes such as Insanity and P90X. Nothing in the world beats the feeling of helping and inspiring people to reach their goals, and I am so excited for the opportunity to continue to do so at Bastet Dance Fitness.