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Active Flexibility

Our Active Flexibility classes are appropriate for all experience levels! Focusing on drills and safe stretching techniques our Flexibility Classes are great for: Increasing ROM in joints, increasing flexibility, improving posture, decreasing risk of injury and improving recovery from working out, stress relief and relief of tense, tight muscles, and more!

Bellydance – Techniques

We offer two levels of Bellydance Techniques classes. Level 1 is designed for students who have never danced in this style before and for students wanting to refine their techniques. Level 2 is for dancers who are ready to take their bellydancing to the next level and have completed at least 8 weeks of Bellydance Techniques Level 1 and/or instructor permission. Each class includes technique breakdowns, drills, combos and a cool-down. Emphasis is placed on proper muscle engagement, alignment and control. Build your strength, stamina and confidence with engaging isolations and drills.

Bellydance – with Finger Cymbals

Students will learn multiple finger cymbal patterns and practice playing them with belly dance movements and other dance movements. This is not a beginning Bellydance class, students are required to know basic Bellydance movements and techniques.

Chair Dance

This dance and choreography class is an exhilarating way to burn calories, tone your core and lower body and learn a variety of fun and sexy dance moves. Class will begin with a full body warm up and then hop right into choreography! A new routine is taught every week. This class is suitable for all levels, including beginners! All fitness and experience levels welcome!

Chair Dance – Acro Chair

Take your chair dancing to the next level, literally! You will be using skills learned in Chair Dance Level 1 (and many techniques taught in Liquid Motion) to dance on, in and around the chair in many new and exciting ways. Illusion splits, shoulder stands, shoulder rolls, chair manipulations and more! This is not a beginning class.

Heels Techniques

This class is focused on building ankle strength and learning weight distribution in heels correctly. We provide a safe environment to to learn how to glide effortlessly in heels with the sass and attitude needed to make all eyes drawn on you. We encourage wearing heels but this class can be taken in bare feet or socks. This class is good for beginners and open to all levels.

Platform Heels Floorwork Choreo (PHFC)

Our PHFC class focuses more on the sensual side of movement with visually pleasing lines using your gorgeous platforms. This is a level 1 class so there are no “tricks” or polework and is beginner level friendly. We will go over how to wear your platforms correctly with exercises focused on building ankle strength. New choreography will be every two weeks.

Liquid Motion

Liquid Motion® is an open level floorwork class that utilizes elements of fitness conditioning, sensual movement, and dance theory. The focus of this class is on learning activation of the senses to create total body awareness. The ability to fully understand how your body naturally moves and what that feels like will ultimately give you the fluidity and Liquid style you are looking for. Liquid Motion teaches you how to be sensual and to be proud of it! Learning how to apply the Liquid Motion fundamentals and techniques will give any movement an organic, sensual quality that flows effortlessly and creates a solid baseline for further exploration.

Pole – Intro to Pole Level 1

Intrigued about Pole Dancing but don’t know where to start? Look no further! In this beginning level pole class you will be introduced to all the fundamentals needed to start your pole journey. Everything learned in this class, be it a spin, movement or technique will be the building blocks you need to build your strength and skills to pole safely and successfully. We recommend new students take at least 4 Intro to Pole classes before taking Pole Choreography or Pole Tricks & Techniques. This class is also great for more experienced pole dancers who want to learn to work smarter not harder.

Pole Choreography Level 1.5

Our Pole Choreo Classes focus on the dancing, spinning and flow aspects of pole. Learn how to walk, float, slink, spin and fly! All Pole Choreo Classes will teach the same dance, over the course of 2 weeks. We recommend new students take at least 4 Intro to Pole classes, or have previous pole experience, before taking Pole Choreography.

Pole Tricks & Techniques Level 1.5 / Mixed Level

In Pole Tricks & Techniques we will expand on the fundamentals, techniques, muscle activations and body alignment taught in Intro to Pole to move around and on the pole in more complicated ways. In this mixed level pole class students will work at their own individual level and at their own pace on grounded and aerial moves including climbing, inverting, leg hooks, upright tricks, inverted tricks and more!

Pole – Open Pole

This Open Pole hour is for students who want more time training with the pole. Open Pole Classes are not lead by an instructor, but there will be staff on-site. This is not the class to learn new moves or try tricks you need a spotter for. We recommend new students take at least 4 Intro to Pole classes before coming to Open Pole.

Self Care Support Group / DANCE – Declaring Affirmations and Nurturing Circle *Zoom Only*

Join us for an hour of sharing, commiseration, dreaming and celebration in a supportive circle of incredible people. If you have never attended before and are feeling the call, anytime is a great time to start! Bring your joys and your woes to our circle and be heard, supported and empowered.

Strength & Mobility

Strength & Mobility is a fun but challenging fitness class that utilizes circuit training, bodyweight exercises and functional movement modalities. Designed by dance and movement specialists with long term health in mind, our classes will push your fitness boundaries in a safe and productive way by focusing on proper body alignment and muscle engagement, “quality over quantity” as Stephanie likes to remind students. Feel stronger and move better than ever before!


Get ready to pop, drop, shake and shimmy! This Twerk class will teach you how to isolate your booty in multiple positions using various techniques. All fitness and experience levels are welcome!

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